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Ropid robot curioso salta corre

curioso como camina al parecer hay un pequeño problema con el detector de comandos audibles

TOTO Robot que atrapa bolas de tenis


sacado de


Nobumichi Tosa, presidente de Maywa Denki muestra el funcionamiento de WAHHA GO GO una máquina que ríe.


Un robot enseña a tocar piano

Un sistema bastante* economico enseña a tocar piano y deja al profesor de piano con ganas de “felicitarnos”  hands-0

por la suma de USD$9995 se pueden hacer acreedores de este sistema unico para aprender piano o teclado en su casa, o por USD$4995 la version portatil del sistema

intersados concretar sita en el sitio


Robots militares carnívoros

Sin más, aquí dejo esta noticia aparecida hoy en

“It sounded like something pulled straight from a grisly scene in Terminator: an unstoppable military robot that powered itself by devouring everything in its path – including trees, grass and even, according to reports, dead bodies.

[…] The concept was originally put forward in 2003, and has been pushed forward with money from the US military’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), a successor to the organisation that funded early development of the internet.”

Artículo completo:

via Murat Germen, Jasmin network.

Transcribo los comentarios de Murrat enviados a la red:

“this is such a piece of news.  I just feel so alarmed when i read news
like this. robots surviving on animals and veggies and possbily on
dead humans.  and why not alive? and no question of why do we need
these robots? what will happen if we have robots that will survive for
months alone? is it for military reasons?  do we really need military
logic or the logic of the market push through inventions? and lead the
direction we develop technology. can we not say we do not need this

do we really need this?  who needs this really ? maybe we have to also
start looking beyond the ‘we’? Who exactly  is doing what for which
reason?  there is no singular we as in humanity or the people.  I am
not the pentagon and I would never give a penny to such a project. I
can imagine them making such robots and sending them against thier
enemies but I am certain that there can be ways to resist enemies
other than inventing robots like this.

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 2:37 PM, Murat”